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Welcome to Anima-Famiglia! (OPEN)

Anima-Famiglia is now OPEN!

Anim Sigillare 2 by KrizelQ
Welcome to Anima Famiglia!
"Imagination is the limitation"



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In case you are lost on your way, just go through these blogs and I'm sure you'll be informed with the right info.


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Anim Sigillare 2 by KrizelQ

RP CHAT BOARD (07/19/14)


Hey there guys! It's me again, KrizelQ!

I'm sad to announce that I won't be able to make it today's RP Chat.

After a windy storm came to my country, some of the electrical posts were knocked down while some wire ignited. Because of what happened, we don't have electricity (and internet, of course.)

As you may know, I'm currently at an internet cafe to make up for the last few days and to tell you guys to go on with today's RP Chat without me

The RP Chat will officially start at the usual time. 

Oh and I'd also like to inform everyone that I might be gone for quite awhile, so...for the meantime, bear with me.  ;w;

I'll make it up to you guys as soon as electricity and internet comes back on.

See you guys soon! :")



First, from this day forward, we are going to have regular RP Chats every Saturday, 8 pm Phil. Time (which is more or less 8 am for those in the states)

At least then, if any of you guys are available at any Saturday, you're sure that someone (well, me and most of the active members of AF) will be there.

Everyone is welcome! :hug:

To me, whatever time you give (whether its 5 minutes or several hours) already means a lot to me. Giving time for the group is like giving a gift.

It's the thought that counts

On the other hand, if you can't make it to any Saturday, It's fine. I understand that real life can be a real pain in the neck.

So, don't worry about it!

Moving on to the other 'Official Announcement',

I'm glad to announce that Anima-Famiglia has a Skype Group. It was made in case the DeviantArt Chat room goes crazy again (and for those who can't get in at all). At least then, we have a back up! :D

But since I lost my old Skype account (both name and password OTL) I decided to make a new one.

My new Skype is krizel_q

Once you've added me, I'll automatically accept your request and add you to the
"Anima-Famiglia (Skype Chatroom)"

So, there you have it!

I hope to see you guys these coming Saturdays!

Oh and credits to Liz (RizuRiji) for the Skype Group idea! Thanks for suggesting it. :hug:


(Any questions? just leave a comment down below. Any suggestions? Please proceed to the "Suggestions Board" and leave a comment about it.)

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Melo00 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
I would like to rejoin the group. I tried resubmitting my character but I can't
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I'm curious, when would people be able to join this group again?
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Oh yeah, I'll be heading to the Philippines for a two week holiday, so I'll probably be even less active during that time! But after that, I'll be on full time on dA!
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