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Welcome to Anima-Famiglia!

"While the group is still accepting applications, it will be undergoing mild renovation. So, please bear with us.
Thank you and have a nice day."
-KrizelQ (Founder)

Anim Sigillare 2 by KrizelQ
Welcome to Anima Famiglia!
"Imagination is the limitation"



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In case you are lost on your way, just go through these blogs and I'm sure you'll be informed with the right info.


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Anim Sigillare 2 by KrizelQ



The purpose of the Event Board is to inform everyone about the needed details about a group event that will occur or is occurring. We will  give you the latest updates of whats happening during the span of the event.

If the group isn't busy with the current minor or major plot, Events are often given once every two months. And of course, for every event, there will always be a little contest where you guys can participate in! There will be special RP Chats with every event that will occur.  The points that you will receive in participating in the events will vary depending on the event.

Everyone is required to participate in events.

If any of you fail to participate at all, your character's overall points will be deducted by 50 points. That is unless you present a valid excuse as to why you weren't able to participate.

If you're not able to participate in three events or more in a row, your character will not be allowed to participate in minor or major plots. Again, that is unless you present to us a valid excuse as to why you weren't able to participate. However, you will still receive a deduction of 50 points for each event you miss. At least, if you present to me a valid excuse, you can still participate in minor or major plots and make up for it.


(February 8 2014)

Well, it's that time of year again where we celebrate not just Valentine's Day but Creative Romance Month or something I would like to call...

Rose "Month of the ShipsRose 
That's right, people. I just made that up! XD But hey- at least it's creative.
(get it? 'cause it's creative romance month? oh, okay.)

Anywaaay, it's the time raise the sails of our favorite ships,
from the classic Abraham/Allana to our new generation couples like Kise/Antoine!

And, just to kick it up a notch,
you can even sail ships that aren't (and, for some, never will be) canon in the AF universe. (like Xavier/David for instance//shot)

How to Participate:
(1) First, you choose a ship to sail. It can either be:
(a) an actual ship where your character is involve (e.g. mine would be any of the following: Kise/Antoine, Nathanielle/Alina or Abraham/Allana),
(b) an actual ship with someone else's characters involve (e.g. for me, it could be Kale/Keenan, Monica/Mikael or David/Tang Shin)
(c) or a ship that isn't even canon (e.g. Xavier/Leon, Abraham/Mikael or Meredith/Skylar)

(2) Choose a medium. It can be a (digitally or traditionally) drawn picture, short comic strip or a short story (with a minimum of 500 words).

(3) Think it through and actually take your time with it. Don't rush. You still have a good two to three weeks until the deadline (which will be February 28 2014 by the way) Oh and, guys, keep it PG.

(4) Once you're done, you are free to submit it to the "Month of The Ships" Folder.

Deadline of entries (again) will be February 28 2014.

You are given a maximum of 3 entries. And, in each entry, you are allowed to have as many ships as you like.

For every entry you submit, you will be given 100 points (which you can freely allot to your characters.) Every character involved in the entry (though he or she isn't in the actual ship/s) will receive 10 points. For example, I decided to write a short story about Nathanielle/Alina and I used Leon, Mikael and Kale as supporting characters. Along with Nathanielle and Alina, Each of them will be getting 10 points.

Now, go! Be creative!

Oh and, don't forget to have fun everybody!


(If you have any questions, just leave a comment down below! Any suggestions? Please proceed to the "Suggestions Board" and leave a comment about it.)
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Wielder-Of-Light Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Just letting you know, I'm planing on removing Keenan from the group >___< Having three OC's here is hard, and he being my favourite with no one really RP's with him kinda makes me sad OTL so I'm taking him to a group that I think he'll be more active/liked in Because seriously No one likes him here and he's always left by himself and can't even develop and grow too like people OTL 
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RizuRiji Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015
Yes.... I'm jumping onto  this bandwagon....  affiliate with Yobinichi?
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Wielder-Of-Light Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ello! So you may or may not know but I've made a new group :icong-m-s-s: and would love it if we could affiliate with one another??? 
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Melo00 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014
I would like to rejoin the group. I tried resubmitting my character but I can't
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