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We're currently under major construction. This means the group will be closed for the time being. I am very sorry for the inconvenience.


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Hey guys! *waves*

It's me, KrizelQ!

It's been awhile, hasn't it?  *chuckles*

Yes, I'm alive.

And yes, I miss you guys too.

Sorry for being inactive for the last few months.  

I promise I'll make it up to you guys soon.

So, how's everybody been? Busy?  *chuckles* It's totally cool guys. I understand.

I just wanted to check if you guys were still alive.  *sweat drops*

I'll be reopening the group in a week or so.

For now, I was thinking I'd talk to you guys about some stuff.

First of all,  are you guys free next saturday? (which is April 26 2013 btw)

I was thinking. If you guys were free, maybe we could all go into the chat to catch up.

RP. Chat. RP. Chat. oh and RP!

That is if you guys are free.  If you're not, it's totally cool.  I just thought I should ask so that you guys will know ahead of time.

Oh and another thing. Don't forget to revamp your characters!  There's no due date honestly. I just wanted to remind you guys.

What else am I forgetting? Well, I'm already fixing through the group; journals, references, links.

That's on me. So don't worry about it guys.

Oh yes, I remember.

There will be a new minor plot RP soon! (like La Fee Verte) Well, not totally new since it's kind of related to the previous minor plot RP we had.

We're currently working on it now.

By the way guys, if you have any suggestions for a event. It'd be great if you guys shared your ideas with us.

Please comment below!

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Ixmay Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oh yeah, I'll be heading to the Philippines for a two week holiday, so I'll probably be even less active during that time! But after that, I'll be on full time on dA!
(2 Replies)
Ohey there, would would like to affiliate please?? >w< :iconeclipse-overload:

(2 Replies)
Wielder-Of-Light Oct 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I was wondering, I know that the minimum age for the average member is 14 but I was wanting to bring Keenan's sister Iris into the group but because it had worked out for her to be 5 years younger then Keenan that would make her only 13 years old, so am I slowed to bring her in? Or do I wait until she and Keenan had aged?
(2 Replies)
RizuRiji Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hm.... Question, is there an age limit for characters? I was planning to make my last one here to help even out the groups, but I didn't want him to be like other 15-25 characters, so I made him a kid that's probably around 6-8 XD

I was just wondering if I could actually do that.... .__.
(2 Replies)
inXxthexXshadows Sep 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
If I were to make two more characters, which division shall I place them in? Since some of them need help an such
(2 Replies)
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